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Circa 1790 Danish Mirrors Ex Anthony Hail, A Pair

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Circa 1790 Danish Mirrors Ex Anthony Hail, A Pair


We were very pleased to acquire these elegant mirrors. They can be seen published a few places - most notably Diane Saeks' book "San Francisco A Certain Style." Anthony Hail created some of the most beautiful interiors of the 20th century. He worked internationally but mostly locally and is remembered for his casual and sophisticated elegance. He said these mirrors came from his mother's home. They feature mixed woods and gilding. One mirror plate is original, the other a replacement with period mirror. I am told he required $100,000 deposit before he would look at a potential project. I was fortunate to have known him. My favorite quote is "The worst thing about recessions is you are forced to work for crazy people."

Width: 17 in
Height: 38 in
Region: Denmark
Material: Wood, gilding
Condition: Good

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