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About us

At 4, I began collecting rocks.

At 5, I bought my first gold pan.

At 6, I bought my first painting. I grew up in my grandfathers’ furniture store and loved searching the old storage rooms and attics.  After graduating UC Berkeley and a few less than interesting jobs I spent a year in Asia and Africa with a couple of weeks is Europe. On my return while working for a friend in his antiques shop for the first time I sold $80k in a few hours.  My life was changed.

The next few years were spent studying an extensive antique library and dusting. Keith and I met at this shop while he was looking for a gift. The dealer closed his shop after moving to Atlanta and starting a new business. about 3 weeks later, Keith and I opened our store in the same space.  We started Antique & Art Exchange in 1995 on Sacramento Street in Presidio Heights, San Francisco. A short time later "Town & Country" wrote a article about how wonderful shopping Sacramento Street is and included a couple of important nods to our shop. Dianne Saek's, the International design Doyenne, wrote a story for the San Francisco Chronicle giving the nod to collecting and Antique & Art Exchange. She has cited us a source in her several of her books. Our good fortune translated to success.

The market has changed. At the moment, furniture catalogs determine design trends.  We believe creative discerning clients along with people from families that have been collecting for generations will never be happy with mass produced furniture or decoration and that the future for exceptional objects is bright. Consider becoming a collector today, learn more about collecting on our blog: