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Assembled Dinner Service of Mason's "Old Imari", England circa 1850

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An extensive assembled set of Mason’s Ironstone “Old Imari” pattern tableware, totaling 115 pieces. The set includes (all also listed separately):

A pair of tazzas, 9” diameter;
A pair of low tazzas, 9” diameter;
A pair of oval bowls, 9” width;
A large bowl, 5” h x 11” diameter;
A small bowl, 6.75” diameter;
A small tureen, width 8.25”, with damage;
A teapot, 6.75” h x 10” w x 5.25” d;
A set of four afternoon tea plates, 7.25” diameter;
Eleven platters, widths ranging from 10.25” to 19.5”;
A set of twelve dinner plates, 9” diameter;
Twenty-six dinner plates, 9.5” diameter (listed as two sets of four, one set of four as-is, a set of six, and a set of eight);
A pair of dinner plates, 9.75” diameter, as-is;
Thirty dinner plates, 10.25” diameter (listed as two sets of twelve and one set of six);
A set of four dinner plates, 10.5” diameter;
A single vintage plate, 9” diameter;
Two dinner plates, 10.75” diameter;
Two sets of four soup bowls, 10.5” diameter;
A vegetable bowl, 3” h x 12.75” w x 9” d;
A covered vegetable bowl, 5.25” h x 12.75” w x 8.75” d;
Three covered vegetable bowls, 5.75” h x 12.75” w x 8.75” d.

The pattern on individual pieces varies slightly, as this is an assembled set. In particular, some pieces have blue highlights and others do not. Some pieces have minor damage such as rim chips and hairline fractures. Please see each item’s individual listing, or contact us with any questions.