19th century Europe was exciting.  The merchant class was prospering.  The bankers where the new aristocracy.    Slowly but surely the aristocratic class was being supplanted as the industrial revolution took hold.  As the wealthy sought to decorate their homes many earlier styles where revived and improved.  Bernard Palissy made amazing decorative plates full of creatures and insects.  The originals where made for Marie de Medici  to decorate fanciful  and fashionable grotto’s designed to imitate caves and recreate natural themes.  This first happened about 1600.  Late in the 19th century several famous makers began a revival of Palissy style.  These pieces are fairly scarce and not inexpensive but very wonderful if you like unexpected and amusing decoration.  Soon potters imitated fruits and animals.  These fall under the broader category of majolica.  We are pleased to have a selection to offer you.