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Circa 1830 Painted Indian Palace Doors, A Pair

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Circa 1830 Painted Indian Palace Doors, A Pair


Pair of Indian Painted Palace Doors circa 1830 Decorated on both sides. Purchased from the estate of an Antique Dealer in the 80's. Examples of these doors are difficult to find with original old painted decoration. Recently we had a thick coat of varnish and what seemed to be henna cleaned off the doors. Some conservative restoration done to paintings. The dancing women, elephant and lion are particularly good. We currently have them mounted on the wall as art. A respected London Dealer suggested the doors probably came from the area around Orissa India and dated them for us. One side of the door is predominately metal to add strength. These panels are about 80lbs each.

DEPTH: 3.5
HEIGHT: 71.5
WIDTH: 31.5