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One and Done

I love the much attributed and repeated quote that ones home is never done but is a work in progress. Coco Chanel, Brooke Astor, Sister Parish are just a few that have been credited with saying this. For everyone’s sake I thought I might refine the quote. A painting might be moved or replaced. Upholstery might be changed. A collection added to or a room simply freshened up. You might be relieved to learn that once the hard work is properly done not much needs to happen. In order to explain myself I refer you to old design books and magazines. Mostly the rooms look dated in not a good way. Once in a while you will see a set of rooms that look like they could have been done yesterday. This style is roughly thought of as being classic and can be found in some of the best homes for quite a long time. The look is not necessarily complicated or cluttered but it is built on quality. Wonderful comfortable chairs and sofas built to last generations. Furniture with patina that can withstand the attention of a child or guest without being ruined. Art and objects that reflect the owners taste without that mass produced look that is campy and ugly and very dated. Be certain that clever marketing is not a substitute for quality.


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