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London Calling

The past couple of weeks we have been visited & contacted by some of our most reliable international dealers / buyers. A common theme emerges along with a few surprises. After 30 years of hearing about how nice a piece would look properly restored (an impossibility on the West Coast as far as they are concerned) now our dealer clients are looking for original finishes without any repair. Basically they are searching for unicorns. I find this amusing because it roughly mirrors the standard that American pieces have been held to for generations. Interestingly enough we notice renewed interest in pieces that actually look old. I find this a relief as the whole notion of “freshened up” antiques is odd. I am not aware of similar changes in the Continental market. The market for Chinese art and porcelains is remarkably unpredictable. We have been told by dealers in Asia and London that it is nearly impossible to know what their clients will want. Certainly the very best quality is still finding an audience. Overall the market is flooded with very good things that have lasted many generations at prices not seen for decades. A new friend told a story about his 100 year old father another chimed in I bet he doesn’t buy green bananas. Hope you laughed. Best Howard


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